A sweet story


Last year at this time our long time bubble tea loving customer Chris proposed to his girlfriend Kristi via our storefront window, she said yes and now they're happily married. In the meantime they moved to Colorado, but came back to pay us a visit. Chris had us put up another message, this time for their 1 year anniversary. We'll never forget her face when she saw the window the first time. He distracted her as they were walking in, and then walked her out, and turned directly to the front of the store where the message was. Tears were shed, and yeses were said. It's moments like that, which make it amazing to run a small business and have great regulars whose lives you can participate in. By the way Chris likes Mixed Berry fruit bubble tea, and Kristi likes Passion Orange Guava.

Enjoy this great song by Koop. Nice wacky video too, in no way meant to resemble the aforementioned couple although the song itself is about love and is beautiful.

(original post: http://thirsteacafenyc.com/he-proposed-and-she-said-yes-right-on-our-win )

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