Monthly Archives: December 2011

A new year


Many of us like to set new habits in the new year, this can include quitting or cutting down on sugar intake, or coffee intake among other things. Our ongoing joke is that you never hear anyone talk about how they are trying to quit drinking tea. It's rarely an issue for people, because of the health benefits and the smooth effects compared to in other caffeinated substances. Tea also has L-Theanine which can give you a nice calming buzz.

This year if your goal is to lose weight, you may remind yourself that tea is an effective tool for cutting calories while still keeping things around that you greatly enjoy. Our store has a nice selection of packaged teas to choose from. By weight loss teas, you can drink any tea you really enjoy and if you're having it in place of sugary snacks, it's a great replacement. The key is finding teas that you love to experience, so as you're preparing them at home or at work you're enjoying the process as well as the flavor and warmth. It's nice to wake up and heat up water, enjoying the whole ritual. This can be a very enjoyable way to start your day without the heavy calories of some other options. We firmly believe in order to lose weight you still need to be able to consume things that you truly enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who gift shopped with us for the holidays. We are very thankful to have such pleasant and interesting customers. 

We hope everyone has a happy new year, come by the store and and browse or say hi whenever you want.

If you'd like enjoy some soft soothing piano music from Dustin O'Halloran