Day of tea cube

We just got a new product in that is really exciting. It's from The Republic of Tea and it's called the 'Day of Tea Cube'.
It's 12 different kinds of tea in one box, all individually wrapped. When you buy it you'll get two of each flavor. 
This is a great option for someone who wants to have different teas everyday, but hasn't gotten around to picking out 12 boxes of tea.

At $14.99, that's .63c per cup of tea. 
Just one more point, it's a mix of traditional teas, but there are a few decaf flavors there too.
Here is the flavor list. Enjoy.

2 – Earl Greyer Black Tea
2 – Chamomile Lemon Herbal Tea
2 – Blackberry Sage Black Tea
2 – Blueberry Green Tea
2 – British Breakfast Black Tea
2 – Ginger Peach Black Tea
2 – Ginger Peach Decaf Black Tea
2 – Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea
2 – Honey Ginseng Green Tea
2 – Mango Ceylon Black Tea
2 – Orange Blossom White Tea
2 – The People’s Green Tea

2 thoughts on “Day of tea cube

  1. Stephen L. Harlow says:

    How about a year of tea? 365 teas in a box – we could send as gifts for the new year. Make them your selections with miscellaneous art scraps in there, too. A gift each day from Helly. Limited edition.

  2. Thirstea Cafe NYC says:

    That’s a really interesting idea! We’ll keep it in mind p0ps, thanks! 🙂

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