Monthly Archives: May 2013

Ginger is tasty, and on your side.


Ginger tastes good in it’s various forms. What’s interesting about ginger is that it tastes amazing yet is also on your side in terms of health. People talk of different foods having varying health benefits. Ginger has various “un-detectable” benefits as with many healthy foods. In our culture people want to feel good immediately though, and that’s why many tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers a like brew ginger at home on a regular basis.  It’s immediate benefit is it’s frequent ability to sooth nausea and inflammation. Many people experience both after a night of light to heavy drinking. It’s a nice night cap, or way to wake up. We have several ginger products including Republic of tea’s ginger peach black, and ginger matcha powder. Also popular lately among people who love it’s taste is Harney and son’s organic ginger from their Deepak Chopra series. Each package comes as a nice little tin, suitable as a gift to a loved one, or as a gift to yourself. We highly recommend keeping a box at home for those less than stellar moments when you need a boost. Image