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Fred Armisen!!


Yayy Fred! ❤ ❤

Miss Bubbly tells a knock knock joke in our store.

It's good to be silly, especially on a cloudy day.

Chocolate Tea Sampler


We just got in some new tea samplers from Republic of Tea. They contain 6 peppermint chocolate teas, 6 Strawberry Chocolate Teas, 6 Coconut Cocoa Teas, and 6 Red Velvet Teas. 

These make great gifts and are also good for people who are both picky, and like chocolate. It might be of note that there are people who crave chocolate during certain times of the month, depending on their schedule. This is a great spur of the moment gift for that special person, especially if that person is you. They're also caffeine free so you can drink them late in the day. Throw some honey or agave in there, and you've got a really healthy low calorie replacement you can have instead of chocolate/ice cream/cupcakes.

We saw a cupcake the other day with 800 calories. Your body will hate you if you eat that.
INDULGE IN THE CUBE. Only $14.99 (24 teas, .65c per cup)
Have a great day everyone.

We now have pomegranate oolong by the cup


We've had quite a few requests for this tea. We have it by the package and now by the cup. It smells and tastes amazing. 

It's pretty often that you'll find flavored berry or pomegranate teas that just don't hold up but Harney and son's is great. 
Also great is Republic of Tea's pomegranate green tea.

Google Offers Rocks!


!Google contacted us recently to help us get a new flood of tea loving customers so we can meet them by participating in their new Google Offers program. It’s amazing with smart phones and the internet how quickly everyone can now find new stores that align with their interests such as us. We got to run our store promotion on their site for an entire day! Elie saw our google offer and snagged up an offer code to come check out our store with his tea loving wife Melissa. They picked up some matcha powder and some bubble teas and are now our happy customers. It’s definitely no surprise to us that the more often we meet tea lovers, that many of them are often into health be it raw food, gyrotonics, yoga, or more broadly just exercise and healthy eating. Melissa herself has a yoga business which you can check out @

Her and her husband are pictured here. Have a great day everyone, thanks for reading. 🙂
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