Monthly Archives: April 2011

Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day Everyone! Be a leader and pick up an extra minute to pick up a piece of litter off the street and take it to the trash. Shoot it in like a 3 pointer, and if you take a few tries to get it in, we won't tell anyone. We're not great at trash basket ball either, so don't worry. You get points for being a good person. As the weather gets nicer in NYC, let's take a moment to enjoy living on this beautiful planet. Have a great day.


Harney Vanilla Grapefruit


White tea has become more and more popular lately and you see more and more people drinking it. One of the reasons for this is it's high anti-oxidant content. Some people like it's lighter flavor as well. A great white tea we have in stock is the Harney and Sons White Vanilla Grapefruit. It mixes vanilla aroma with tea and citrus flavor for a really unique blend. They come in silky sachets filled with loose leaf tea. The box contains 20, all of which are individually wrapped.


Absolut Wild Tea Vodka


It's a good sign for the tea industry when one of the biggest vodka's in the world mass markets a tea infused flavor.
It's become a recent trend in the liquor industry, reflecting a larger general growing trend amongst consumers.
You also see some sweet tea vodka's hitting the market.

We'd personally love to see a milky matcha liquor.
Here is a pic of Absolut vodka's wild tea flavor.


Margaret’s Planet Thirstea

We love it when creative customers share their talent with us. Here is Margaret Jung's version of "Planet Thirstea"! Wow, now that's a magical world we'd love to live in! 🙂

Check out her other wonderful illustrations on her blog. Groooovy, baby~:)



Lovely Origami


One of our amazing customers brought us some nice Oregami in our color scheme today. We were so happy we thought we'd share.