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(Please Vote )UCB Theater in The East Village!


If you live in the East Village and love the Upright Citizens Brigade as much as we do, please consider signing this petition to help them open a theater in the village. This means an amazing live comedy theater in The East Village. There is a petition required for a beer and wine license because of the neighborhood board that helps control and manage the neighborhood. Please consider signing and letting them know you support this cause, and forwarding to your friends and twittering so they know they can support it too. Your vote counts!

Great new ‘Kim Ann Foxman’ music


Cool new video from New York music artist Kim Ann Foxman. She is the singer in a band called Hercules and Love Affair along with Antony from a band called Antony and the Johnsons (who also sings with Bjork sometimes). This is her first solo debut and has some cool old school 90's kind of influence with a new spin. We always like sharing new music with our customers, and love it when people turn us onto some good music too. The Hercules and Love Affair record came out on a great New York label called DFA (Who also has bands like LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture..both worth checking out on itunes!)

Happy Sunday yallz. That's right, we say yallz on our blog now too.

What is Camellia Sinensis?


What is Camellia sinensis?

Among so many other elements, tea dazzles us with its diversity. One plant, many dimensions.

While the teas of the world reveal endless complexities and variations, all tea springs from just one plant species: Camellia sinensis. The four varieties of tea include:


Black Tea

Black tea is produced when withered tea leaves are rolled and oxidized causing the leaves to turn dark. Once the desired color and pungency is reached the tea is dried. A robust cup with astringent notes is produced.

Oolong Tea

Oolong gains its alluring character by withering and briefly oxidizing the tea leaves in direct sunlight. The leaves are rolled, then fired to halt oxidation when it is about halfway between black and green tea.

Green Tea

Green tea is produced when tea leaves are exposed to heat stopping the oxidation process. This allows the leaf to retain its emerald hue. Next, the leaves are rolled or twisted and fired. A bright cup is produced with fresh, grassy notes.

100% White Tea

100% White tea is the most minimally processed of all tea varietals. The fragile tea buds are neither rolled or oxidized and must be carefully monitored as they are withered and dried. This precise and subtle technique produces a subtle cup with mellow, sweet notes.

(Courtesy of The Republic of Tea)

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Our friend Candace Célèbre is in a group show at Charmingwall Gallery opening tomorrow Nov. 5th!


The 6X6 Project is an exhibition of original art all done on 6" square canvases by artists here in the city and around the country.

Our friend Candace Célèbre is also going to be in the show! Her piece will feature a set of different aged faces sticking their tongue out at the viewer. Literally! (Attached is her work still in progress) Isn't it amazing? I can't wait to see the finished work!

This last 6X6 show opens tomorrow Nov. 5th (from 6-8p) at the all so delightful Charmingwall Gallery at 191 West 4th Street. There will be over one hundred pieces exhibited. All original art. All six inch square. So what are you waiting for? We'll see you at the show. 🙂