Awesome Origami

A quick note: We’ve recently added some more packaged teas for those who like to get a package of tea in our shop. Also we have some new Harney iced tea ‘brew at home’ bags so you can make your own jug of iced tea at home. Those are $7.99 for six large brew bags in a nice gift tin, or two for $15. That way you can drink iced tea all month for the price of three large cafe drinks. Do it!!

This is our customer Uyen. She shares a name with one of our owners and a love of origami with all of us. The only difference is the level of enthusiasm Uyen brings to origami, and her origami vocabulary level which is seriously out of control. Uyen often drinks a special off menu drink creation we jokingly call “Majestic phoenix” which is light, minty, herbal, sweet and refreshing. Lately she has been hanging around the offices of creased magazine, an origami magazine. We are lucky to have many colorful characters who regularly get a package of tea in our shop or a drink. We’re glad to have Uyen as one of them. She made us a brilliant modular origami piece for our shelves recently. It’s pictured here next to Harney and sons chai rooibos by the package. By the way you can also check out creased magazine on facebook here. Thank you for reading.

On a separate note our blog has been down recently. Our blog is now back up and domain should be repaired shortly. See you here and in the shop soon.

Also enjoy a nice song if you’d like.



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