Happy Gloomy Monday


Got some Gen Mai Cha in from Republic, both loose and in bags. That’s the green tea with toasted brown rice. 

Have a great week everyone. We’ll leave you with a cool photo set and a song.

A photographer named Natsumi Hayashi did these. It’s still self portraits of her jumping, where she looks like she is flying. She said in an interview that sometimes she jumps 100 times before she can get the right picture. That’s a good lesson for all of us impatient people, that sometimes when you want to do something really great you have to fail at it a bunch of times, and still see it through. Pretty inspiring photos.
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2 thoughts on “Happy Gloomy Monday

  1. ladystardust11238 says:

    If you like these kind of photos, there is a French photographer who did the same things and it is amazing too.http://www.denis-darzacq.com/chute-vignettes.htmhttp://www.denis-darzacq.com/hyper.htm

  2. Thirstea Cafe NYC says:

    Wow! That’s so cool. Thanks for sharing!!

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