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Make some iced tea, you won’t regret it.


Spring is here, Summer is on the way, and no matter how you're spending it, it's always nice to have some iced tea around. But how do you make it? How much do you use? What do you do? Not everyone wants to sit around measuring tea all day. That's why we're currently stocking some Harney and Son's iced tea flavors including Decaf Passion Fruit. These come in convenient pre measured bags. Each box contains 6 'two quart tea bags'. This means six pitchers of tea per tin. Pick one up, you'll thank yourself. After all, no one wants to go all summer without iced tea. 

New York is great

Ahh another rainy day. Here enjoy this video of a man licking his shoes off on the subway. Just another reason to love New York.

Movies showing this week at Thirstea

Hey guys, we've cut a huge deal with several Hollywood studios to be featured in digitally re-mastered directors cut DVD's of great American movies. To get you guys hyped up for the release dates, we decided we would show you the covers. Movies will never be the same again. (courtesy of a very photoshop savvy reddit user, and Mike B who made them for us. Thanks!)


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