Monthly Archives: January 2012

Sweet tea law


In the state of Georgia in 2003 a law was passed which made it mandatory to serve sweet tea anytime you serve tea.

Such a great law, we're curious if they enforce it very hard.

Oh well! Gotta follow the law….. 😉

Enjoy some PB+J (Peanut butter and jelly? No! Peter Bjorn and John!)

Hot Taro Coconut


As it starts to get chilly you may stop in and get a drink, when you do you may want to enjoy a hot taro coconut. The light purple drink tastes of rich creamy coconut, with frothy nutty taro (made with skim milk) over chewy warm tapioca. It's a favorite amongst many regulars right now, so we figured we'd blog about it for those who haven't yet tried it.

We hope everyone is having a great week. As it gets colder, you can enjoy what will probably be a short winter by drinking whatever delicious hot teas you like. One of the great joys of life, particularly in New York where we get such a classic lovely winter.

On that note enjoy a nice wintery jam, an old favorite from Chicago band 'The Sea and Cake'. Available on itunes.