Loose Organic Chai, Cool DFA Mugs

Hello awesome people,

Hope all is well. The winter that never happened is coming to an end here in New York. The excitement of spring awaits. We have some loose milk oolong back in. It's a high quality oolong with fresh fragrant fruity undertones. We also have more loose organic chai. It's spiced just right with wholesome pieces of organic cardamon, ginger, clove and more. Everyone loves it. Except for non chai people. Which we would estimate is about 3% of the population. We accept those people. They'll come around eventually.
So, we sell a little bit of tea ware, primarily teapots at the moment. If anyone is in need of some new mugs for their homestead check out these cool mugs from New York label DFA. They're the label of LCD Sound system, a great New York band who will soon be featured in a documentary which we'll link below.

Also for a nice browsing experience check out this great blog. It's pretty out of control. Here they have a recipe for blue teacup cupcakes, which you could enjoy when you drink some of our packaged teas. Pairing tea with desserts is almost always a good idea. Lighter herbals can pair with fuller desserts very well, and sometimes a rich black tea like Assam or Kenyan is good with a more subtle dessert. Of course you can always bring out the big guns and have both be strong and rich, or both subtle. Anyway, check out their blog which is very visually stimulating.

Documentary trailer about LCD Sound system:

Song w/great video. Robots are people too.

Keep it sweet, and see everyone soon.


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