Raw Green Rooibos.


Raw Green Rooibos from The Republic of Tea is the same as classic red rooibos but is processed in a way that leaves the enzymes and natural antioxidants much more in place and leaves the tea with many of the nutrients that can get lost in processing. Some people could say otherwise but this tea actually has a flavor that reminds me of a lighter bodied black tea like a darjeeling. However it comes in several flavors like mango chilli and black currant cardamon for those who like something on the wild side. This is a great tea when you want something late at night in place of a cocktail, coffee or black tea without having to drink something caffeinated or alcoholic. An earthy well rounded tea with light and  subtle notes of peach and tobacco. Now available by package in several flavors and  by the cup hot or iced.


One thought on “Raw Green Rooibos.

  1. Stephen L. Harlow says:

    Subtle notes of peach and tobacco, eh? I like the idea of Raw Green Rooibos tea with the enzymes and natural antioxidants, thank you @thirsteaNYC

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