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Barbara from the Club


We met Barbara about a month ago when her colleague introduced her to our delicious Mango Peach Smoothie w/ Tapioca, and she's been a regular ever since! Barbara works right across the street at the Boy's Club. We love seeing her because every time she comes in, she brings her sweet radiant energy that cheers up the whole store. She told us that she used to sing rock n' roll in her early years. No wonder!

You're the best Barbara! We wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery from your knee surgery. Hope to see your lovely smile soon! 🙂


Awesome shirt


Our customer Roxy had a great pixelated shirt. We thought we’d post a
pic. Her and her friends enjoyed some fruit bubble teas. Great motif.


We’re seeing a trend*


We're seeing a trend right now at Thirstea. It's customers getting their nails done to match the shirts of the staff. Today Winn wore a muted turqoise shirt to try to throw them a curve ball and of course one of the regulars matched her nails to it perfectly.

It's team work, and it's how we roll. We keepz it real.

*: Fictional explanation for real picture.

Margaret’s Planet Thirstea

We love it when creative customers share their talent with us. Here is Margaret Jung's version of "Planet Thirstea"! Wow, now that's a magical world we'd love to live in! 🙂

Check out her other wonderful illustrations on her blog. Groooovy, baby~:)



Lovely Origami


One of our amazing customers brought us some nice Oregami in our color scheme today. We were so happy we thought we'd share.


Curin and Paul


Check out Curin and Paul. Their thirst for bubble tea brought them to Thirstea. We enjoyed their awesome outfits and wanted to post them for all to see. New York is a great place to share your fashion identity and explore yourself. It's also a great place to walk down the street with a sharpened stick. Thanks for stopping in guys.


Bonjour Victor, Kumquat citron?


Victor loves our Kumquat Lemon bubble tea, and he comes in every week. Today, I wore this T-shirt hoping he would come in and help me figure out what it says. And he did! Yay, finally mystery solved! Thanks Victor, you rock! 🙂

The shirt says:
Don’t be the devil! Don’t break the interest that your friends could have with this movie. Don’t tell them what you’ve seen. Thanks for them.

I bought this T-shirt in 2007 along with the release of Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga by Spoon. They said it was designed by Britt Daniel. So I asked Britt what does it say when I saw him in person at River to River Festival, he told me it was a screen shot from a movie.

Now I just need someone to tell me what movie it is then I’ll be able to put this to rest for good! Haha


Blake Lively Approves


Blake Lively just came in and had a bubble tea. She was very nice and even let us photobomb her. Enjoy.
P.S She uses our punch cards, do you?


Taiwanese girl Emily gives our Original Black a big smile


This is Emily from Taiwan. Emily stopped in yesterday eager to try our bubble tea after her friend's high recommendation. We can imagine how she must have felt being so far away from Taiwan, the birth place of bubble tea and not having any readily available at every corner of the street. We made her a cold one with no ice just how she likes it. She was so happy she posed a big smile of satisfaction for us to show off! We thank you for your enthusiasm Emily. We hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in NYC! 🙂