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Hope everyone is having a great weekend


We have iced peppermint yerba mate today (great w/ agave)

We also added 7 new flavors of Hi Chew candy.

-Dry Red Grape
-Asian Soda
-Purple Grape
-Rainbow mystery flavor 

New Candy


It is delicious. We are eating some now. Don't tell anyone.


Organic, Tea-Infused, Truffles that just melts in your mouth…


They going… going……….. only a few left…….. hurry & come try some before it's all gone! 🙂

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What’s “Pocky” in Spanish you ask?


Well… it's "Pepero" of course!

(believe it or not, it's actually a Korean brand. How bizarre! :p)
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Mmmm…. Tea Infused Chocolate Bars!


We have 8 different kinds of organic chocolate bars infused with amazing tea flavors! They include Green Earl Grey, Chamomile & Honey, Jasmine, Black Masala Chai, Raspberry Rooibos & more. Come try it out, they're deeeeelish! 🙂

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