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Tim and Eric <3 Yerba Mate

In Vanity Fair Magazine Tim and Eric of "Tim and Eric, Awesome Show: Great Job" suggest drinking Yerba Mate before watching their show. If you haven't seen Tim and Eric, check out their show on Adult Swim on The Cartoon Network. They also have alot of very funny videos online. If you haven't tried Yerba Mate, stop by our store. We sell it by the cup (Iced or Hot) and packaged in several flavors (including classic organic, chocolate, chai and mint). It's unlike any other tea because of it's taste, and because of it's health benefits which include vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Tim and Eric are too hard to explain, you just have to see their videos. And according to that tidbit they like yerba mate which is awesome.



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As some of you may know our one year anniversary is coming up soon

…and we're thinking of getting this drummer to play for us. We think it might be the right gig for him.


Are we hiring?


Alot of people ask if we are hiring. We aren't currently hiring, but we are considering hiring this guy.

His name is Jeff. He grew up in the East Village, and he loves Pocky.

We aren’t a franchise yet


Many people ask us if we are a franchise when they come in. We aren't yet a franchise.If we do ever decide to franchise our business out to other people, we hope to send out memos as awesome as this one sent out by Subway Sandwiches in Australia. Enjoy.

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What’s “Pocky” in Spanish you ask?


Well… it's "Pepero" of course!

(believe it or not, it's actually a Korean brand. How bizarre! :p)
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Thirstea Loves Improv Everywhere!

Check out Improv Everywhere's latest mission that brought "Ghostbusters" to life in the 42nd Street New York Public Library. 🙂

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Happy Earth Day


We’ll pour your tea directly into your mouth for earth day. Either that or you can bring your own cup and get a half priced 16oz jasmine iced tea for only .99c

 Have a great Earth Day

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