This year, support local shops!


It's black friday and we just wanted to remind you that if you want to, you can support smaller local stores this year when you choose to shop there. Many people are already aware that supporting locally based stores is a great way to help our local economy when you make that choice.  At our store we offer a nice selection of teas, including New York based tea companies like Harney and sons, and Serendipitea, as well as other American companies like The Republic of Tea. If you were to come to our store and buy a box of tea for your spouse, boss, or friend, you're conveniently supporting two American companies in one purchase.

We hope everyone had a super duper Thanksgiving, and we would like to say that we're thankful for all of our amazing customers, and our blog readers.

Mention this blog for a off 10% discount on any of our Thirstea white bagged loose leaf teas today, saturday and sunday. (not compatible with any other offers)

Speaking of things based in New York, check out this awesome video from Brooklyn band Violens. One of our all time favorites. An interesting song and video, if you're in the mood for something new.

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