Happy Friday


Happy Friday Everyone.  We have some new teas, a few random tidbits and a song to share. This weekend is going to be a little rainy, hopefully everyone still has some fun plans. We just got in some new Hibiscus teas from The Republic of Tea including Vanilla Apple, and Coconut Hibiscus. Check that out if you're in the mood for something flavorful and different from the norm. 

To trail off a bit, every friday night we drive a rental van full of our gear we setup at the Brooklyn Flea from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Street art in New York is a controversial issue, and although we don't condone illegal activity we do think that put in the right space that art contributes to the amazing cultural experience that New York has to offer. A great example of this we've been seeing  on our weekly commute lately, is someone who is tagging gates on Bowery street in the lower east side. It's interesting because during the day, when the businesses put their gates up, everything is as normal but when they're put down, they become an easel for a local artist. Just wanted to share a photo of this, and we think it's great that this particular business left theirs up. It's understandable when the art is chaotic visually, or politically driven but something as refined as this should stay up. There was another great one, wherein a store would put their gate down to close, and the gate would read "Open 24 hours". The form of our blog is loose, we like to use it to share different things with our customers. We thought anyone who hadn't seen that would get a kick out of it.

In other news, the Upright Citizens Brigade has just opened another theater, this time in New York City's East Village. Some of you may remember a while ago when we posted a petition to allow this theater to open in New York and serve liquor. It's pretty amazing, they've now opened and are doing shows every night for like $5. They have some improv, but this theater is a little heavier on standup. There seem to be quite a few of our customers who are comedy fans. We are ourselves too. 

All rambling aside, to combat the rain, enjoy this song by Bag Raiders. (Youtube link, buy the song if you like it! Warning, very upbeat)
Have a good weekend everyone.
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