Jasmine Pearls Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea

Jasmine Pearls Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea

Jasmine Pearls Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea begins its journey from leaf to cup by hand rolling Camellia sinensis bud and leaf sets into tight pearls. Next, the pearls are dried and delicately scented multiple times with fresh jasmine blossoms. Before roasting, the blossoms are completely separated from the pearls.

Tasting Notes

Green tea scented with jasmine creates a clean, floral tea with a distinct flavor.


Green tea produces about one-quarter the amount of caffeine found in a comparably-sized cup of coffee.

Steeping Jasmine Pearls Full-Leaf Loose Tea is Easy

    • Heat fresh, filtered water to short of boiling.
    • Place one teaspoon of leaves in your pot or
      infusing basket.
    • Pour in water (6 oz per cup) and steep for 2-4 minutes.
    • Remove the tea and enjoy. For your continued enjoyment, the leaves may be infused multiple times.

One thought on “Jasmine Pearls Full-Leaf Loose Green Tea

  1. Stephen L. Harlow says:

    I love this tea. We got some at your shop. I love the way the pearls flower in the cup and I love the beautiful taste.

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