Rosemary Tea is also good for hair and scalp…


Last week, we had a customer come in and ask us if there is any tea good for the hair. After some searching, we've found the answer…'s Rosemary! 🙂

Here are some more useful info on this herb from "The Way of Herbs" by Michael Tierra, L.Ac., O.M.D.:

Rosmarinus officinalis
FAMILY: Labiatae


SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Liver, stomach, spleen-pancreas

PROPERTIES: Antipyretic, antiinflammatory, stomachic, nervine, diaphoretic, astringent, anodyne, antiseptic

DOSE: One teaspoon steeped in a cup of boiling water

USED FOR: Headaches, indigestion, colds, inflammation of the joints, for scalp and hair

NOTES: Rosemary is useful for dyspepsia or digestive upset, headaches, common cold and as a hair strengthener. A simple cup of rosemary tea is as effective as aspirin for headaches and other inflammatory symptoms including the relief of arthritic pains.

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One thought on “Rosemary Tea is also good for hair and scalp…

  1. Stephen L. Harlow says:

    That’s so much better! Rosemary tea for headaches, inflammation and relief of arthritic pains. Thank you, we’ll try it.

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