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What is Oolong?


What is Oolong?

Oolong tea begins its transformation from leaf to cup when Camellia sinensis leaves are plucked at their pinnacle of freshness and flavor.

These large leaves are then withered, briefly oxidized, rolled or twisted and fired. The shape of the final tea could be the inspiration for the name Oolong which means “black dragon” in Chinese.

Something Interesting to Consider…
Chinese oolong can be very floral, such as Ti Kuan Yin, which is often described as smelling like orchids. Oolong from Taiwan, known as Formosan Oolong, is oxidized and fired longer and has a fruity flavor reminiscent of ripe peaches.

Oolong teas impart much flavor – the same leaves can be infused multiple times.

Oolong’s caffeine content is between that of black and green tea and produces about one-quarter to one-third the caffeine found in a comparably-sized cup of coffee.

Steeping Oolong tea is Easy

    • Fill the kettle with fresh, filtered water and heat to a rolling boil.
    • Steep tea for 3-5 minutes (if using a tea bag) or 5-7 minutes (if using full-leaf tea) using one teaspoon of tea leaves or one tea bag and 6 oz of heated water per cup.
    • Experiment to find your favored steeping time. Enjoy Sip by Sip
    (Courtesy of Republic of Tea)
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Some pics from our booth at the Brooklyn Flea

We have 3 flavors. Strawberry Black, Mango Peach Jasmine, and Lychee Rooibos.
All made with real loose leaf tea, and real fruit pulp.
Check it out son! It’s Yummy Yo!


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We’re setup at the Brooklyn Flea today

We have a limited menu at the Brooklyn Flea Market today in Fort Greene in case anyone is over there shopping today.
Everyone's excited including Paper Magazine.

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Love antiques AND reality show? Well here is good news!


Starting this week, our next door neighbor Obscura – Antiques & Oddies is filming a reality show all about antique business which will be aired on Discovery Channel this fall (or so we've heard). If you happen to stop by in the next week or two, you might just be in the show as well! But don't forget to stop in and tell us your experience, over a cup of delicious bubble tea. Cheers! 😉


Mixtape for you!

Alot of people ask what music we are playing in the store. We play all kinds, but we thought it would be nice to sign up for something where we can share some playlists. We encourage anyone who likes the songs to buy the songs at full price.
We are using a site called grooveshark to share. We will post some more over time.

Heres our first one, it's all rock and disco, and more upbeat stuff.
So pop it on, and clean your house, exercise, or wear some headphones at work, and pretend it's friday even though it's only tuesday. We'll imagine you at your desk rocking out.


Click Here for the mix


A gift from Candace Célèbre

As you may know, many of our customers are creative souls that reside in the East Village. Among them is the talented Candace Célèbre. She made us a triptych painting with collages of flying birds that is just the coolest thing! Thank you Candance, we love your artwork & support for our shop! 🙂



Thanks to for posting a nice piece on us


Z Trend is a great site that features a lot of local listings, and helps enable New Yorkers familiarize themselves with business they feel are worth checking out. A great all around site, definitely check it out. Our feature can be found by clicking here

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Cool green tea sauce recipe for you chefs out there.


Check out this cool green tea dipping sauce recipe we came across.

Great as a dipping sauce for different appetizers or a marinade.

Check it out here
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