What is Darjeeling?


What is Darjeeling Tea?

Nestled amongst the foothills of east India are the prized tea gardens of the Darjeeling region. With favorable growing conditions and meticulous cultivating practices, Darjeeling produces a super-premium, fine black tea.

Steeping to a golden amber hue with light florally notes Darjeeling tea is regarded as an exceptional cup, The Champagne of Tea.

The First Flush…
Each March fresh, tender Darjeeling tea leaves sprout forth, ready for their first plucking. Revered as the world’s purest cup, first flush Darjeeling tea leaves produce a complex yet invigorating flavor with a clean flowery finish. Savor the ultimate tea experience and enjoy the freshness of a first flush cup, Sip by Sip.

Black tea contains half of the caffeine found in a comparable cup of coffee.

Steeping Darjeeling Tea is Easy

    • Simply heat fresh, filtered water to a rolling boil.
    • Steep tea for 3-5 minutes for tea bags and full-leaf.
    • Experiment to find your favored steeping time.

(Courtesy of The Republic of Tea)

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