Monthly Archives: June 2010

As some of you may know our one year anniversary is coming up soon

…and we're thinking of getting this drummer to play for us. We think it might be the right gig for him.


Jinnie’s Blog

A very nice Korean girl blogged about us on her site, but it’s all in Korean. Anyone care to help translate? 🙂

Thanks Jinnie, you’re awesome!



Dr. Kota soon-to-be


Our neighbor Karthik is saying goodbye to us today. He finished his MPH program at NYU and is now off to Syracuse for continuing medical school. It was a pleasure getting to know you & serve you while you lived here on 10th Street. We will miss making your favorite drinks for you (green apple w/ passion fruit bubble tea & blueberry lemonade). We hope you will always stop by and say "Hi" whenever you're in the city again. 再见 (zai jian), Karthik! 🙂