Korean “Walnuts & Job’s Tears” Tea – Made from 100% Hard Work?


One of our customers asked if we have a Korean tea called "ulmoo" (Yul-mu-cha) tea. So we asked our Korean friend Maryann if she knows about it. She brought us a tea called "Walnuts & Job's Tears" Tea. So we tried it. It tastes deliciously creamy & grainy, not too sweet, and it has real walnut pieces in the drink! 🙂 It doesn't have any actual tea leaves inside the package. The ingredients consist of ground up walnut, "job's tears", pine nut, glutinous rice & glucose. It is also known as a Korean breakfast tea. If you're like us and didn't know what "job's tears" means, here is an explanation along with some fun facts from koamart.com:

Job's tears receives its name from the hard, shiny, tear-shaped beads that enclose the seed kernels. They are off-white or dark in colour and are 6 to 12 mm long. They are sometimes used for jewelry and rosaries.

Job's tears is native to the Indian subcontinent but is now widespread throughout the tropical zone. It grows in marshy places and is cultivated in China, the seed kernel having a long-applied medicinal value. The seed kernel is also edible, and forms of it are used as cereal foods in parts of East Asia and in the Philippines.

Job's Tears Properties: Sweet and bland in flavor, slightly cold in nature, it is related to the spleen, stomach and lung channels.

Job's Tears Functions: Induces diuresis (increased excretion of urine), removes dampness and edema (excess accumulation of serous fluid in connective tissue), strengthens the spleen, eliminates stagnation, nourishes the digestive functions, clears away heat and promotes the discharge of pus.

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